2.0 Movie Review Hit or Flop

Robot 2.0 Movie Download HD in Hindi


The story of Movie 2.0

After flying in mysteriously with the hands of people in Chennai, Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) and his Android assistant Nila (Amy Jackson) are called for help. Vaseegaran called his trustworthy Robot Chiti (Rajinikanth) to remove the superhuman powers of bird-shaped bird (Akshay Kumar). | Robot 2.0 movie download in Hindi HD  | 2.0 Movie Review Hit or Flop

Cast Of Movie 2.0 

  • Rajinikanth
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Amy Jackson

Review of  Movie 2.0 

South movies and producers appear to have an idea about out-of-the-crate thoughts for the film.

Chief Shankar has dallied with such high-idea motion pictures like Robot (2010, Tamil title Enthiran) and I (2015) preceding, as well.

While he’s no more abnormal to portraying outlandish and innovative thoughts, the interesting story of 2.0 feels a bit disappointing, particularly in the wake of the scene made by the CGI-driven execution.

The smooth visual introduction, however, more than compensates for what the story needs.

2.0 Movie Review Hit or Flop

The turns and amazement of 2.0 are unsurprising and the way that the story pursues the layout set by the main film doesn’t generally add to the experience.

In any case, Shankar’s vision and his group’s specialized wizardry with the enhanced visualizations makes a positive effect.

Akshay Kumar, who runs in the shape of enemy pakshi, is made up of a large number of cell phones, there is no doubt.

2.0 Movie Public Review Hit or Flop

There are a few minutes in the motion picture that are very vital as well. Seeing mobiles concealing a whole street, a backwoods and shaping the mammoth falcon, are unquestionable ‘goodness’ commendable.

Be that as it may, the logical clarifications accommodated supernatural control of cell phones and the opponent’s otherworldly capacities aren’t too persuading.

By and by, this is a Rajinikanth motion picture and addressing true to life freedom and rationale resisting innovativeness is ridiculous.

2.0 Movie Review Hit or Flop

Rajinikanth’s execution and nearness rule the story.

Shankar’s screenplay gives enthusiasts of the hotshot a lot of minutes to cheer for, particularly with the way that there are not a couple,

but rather three emphasizes his automated character Chitti.

Not simply that, even the jokes in the motion picture and the reference to Rajini’s numero uno status give the fans bounty to cheer for.

Akshay Kumar additionally gives a strong execution as the rival, particularly in the flashback that uncovers his character’s ornithology foundation.

robot 2.0 movie download in Hindi HD 

The nearness of these two hotshots is one of the primary reasons why 2.0 feels like an excellent, expensive motion picture.

The cosmetics and ensembles are features of the motion picture, as well.

The push is really designed to make Akshay’s character, you should not be a VFX master to understand that the characters of 2.0 actually look really good.

The foundation score by AR Rahman and Qutub-E-Kripa likewise adds to feel of this modern film.

While the motion picture unquestionably looks world-class, the composting doesn’t in every case satisfy the desires.

It’s Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s star control that truly spares the day for this perfect work of art.

This balance destroys the film in its last stretch,

where mountaineering is going on and, at one point you will never be able to see, Rajini enters Kumar.

robot 2.0 movie download in Hindi HD 

Lego Shankar’s eternal game means that many things get together in big, more useless things.

The pile also becomes magnetic and is immediately covered in cars and utensils like Subodh Gupta.

In addition, hero threatens the villain by threatening to release pigeons. go figure.

Actually, do not do it. Despite the tireless mountaineering, 2.0 is an explosion.

It could have been a smart movie, but it is mostly fun Rajinikanth ride,

in which there are solid 3D and great atmos sound – it is very good that at one point when many phones are ringing, then I am on my next person.

2.0 Movie Review Hit or Flop

In theater, Shankar meditates staggeringly for conspiracy and is never slow, there is no time for melodrama or song sequences, which has created Anderson’s most beautiful parts.

Kumar joking and screamed, Jackson is eligible to kill Butt as the franchise continues, but a Rajini film can be only a man.

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